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Thank you for taking the time to watch the presentation. I'm Jason Neil Walters, Senior Loan Officer & Recruiter for NEXA Mortgage.

I'm sure that you have more questions on how NEXA will be a good fit for you and your business.

Are You Ready to Level Up?

About NEXA Mortgage

Toward the end of 2017 Mike Kortas and Mat Grella left the correspondent lending world and set off on their journey to build the greatest mortgage company around, focused entirely on the satisfaction of our loan officers as the absolute core priority of the company. That loan officer satisfaction is based on many core principals but our LO SUPPORT is our primary daily focus!

  • NEXA Mortgage is OFFICIALLY the fastest growing company in the financial sector for 2020.
  • The Seven Non-Negotiable's

NEXA Mortgage Goals

Are you with a company whose goals don’t revolve around


NEXA is committed to YOU! Adding a new state origination license in an average of 2 per weeks, we hope to have the entire United States map covered in NEXA Blue by the end of 2020! As of the beginning of June 2020 We’re at 45 States and counting and over 800+ LO’s have become Low Rate Leaders in our NEXA family! We hope to have over 1,000 loan officers in the next 6 months and our support is more than ready. We won’t stop till we’re NUMBER ONE across the country, even then we’ll continue to double up! Every step of the way, we’ll stay committed to our core values in order to maintain our commitment to YOU.


Are you stuck on Loan Officer Island with no direction, no support, and NO TEAM?

We created our support to give you the same benefit of walking right into our office! NEXA employs dozens of support staff professionals ready to assist you 12 hours a day Monday through Friday with Live Face-to-Face NEXA Concierge Team! At the press of a button you can have face to face support with the following:

  • HR Team
  • Processors
  • NEXA University
  • Onboarding Team
  • Pro Accounting/Payroll
  • The Founders of NEXA (available to you daily)
  • Weekly (almost daily) Live Trainings and Meetings
  • Account Exec’s from some of the nation’s top lenders
  • LO SUPPORT = Salaried LO TIRELESSLY available to walk you through our systems and lenders until you’re absolutely proficient!
The BEST Investment I've Ever Made!

"NEXA Mortgage has it all! From killer support to

every product under the sun..."

~ Jason Neil Walters


How does it feel to invest hours of time into a borrower only for them to find someone with a lower rate, then GHOST YOU?

It sucks, I remember those days way too well. Your realtor partners see it too!

Are you sick of losing the rate shoppers to other LO that didn’t put in that time that YOU invested?

You’ll never lose another loan to rate shoppers with our wholesale rate sheets!

Connect with Me to run rate scenarios with you.


Are you worth more than you’re currently being paid? I AGREE!

Our comp STARTS OUT at 220 basis points. Production Tiers go up to 250 and 275 basis points! Which is significantly higher with our Commercial and Reverse Mortgage options.

The BEST Training Ever!

"Our NEXA Mortgage Mentorship Program teaches my new team members everything they need to know to be successful in this business"

~ Bill Burg

Residual Income For Life!

"Our Revenue Share program allows me to continue to make money even after I stop originating... Loving it!

~ Bill Burg


Want to give your borrowers more choices than “Take it or leave it”?

Here at NEXA, we know how much your borrowers will value your new portfolio of loan options! We have everything you can imagine with fewer overlays than ever. Control your pipeline with over 50 lenders at your service!

  • FHA and VA down to a 500 score
  • Construction “One Time Close”
  • DrNEXA – Doctor program
  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
  • NO DOC Programs (for self-employed)
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Commercial
  • ITIN

If there is a product, we either have, or we will put it in place.


Are you paying for business expenses out of your own pocket from your own hard earned TAXED money?

Not anymore! Here at NEXA you have immediate access to your very own NEXA Am/Ex for immediate savings on all of your business expenses! This is your chance to pay for all that with PRE TAXED income the same way business owners do!


Does your mortgage company care?

NEXA CARES! We have all major benefits ready for you, day one!

  • Health Care
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401K
  • NEXA Retirement

Are You Ready ?

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